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“We’re in a prison here”: states current resident of George Pearson Centre

In 2008 a report by a program funded by Vanouver Coastal Health stated:
“Residents [of George Pearson Centre] under­stood the need for a routine within GPC but many criticized the inflexibility of it. Residents consistently gave three examples in which the routine challenged the reality of GPC as home: being able to have a bath or shower more than once a week; being able to go back to bed for a rest and then get up again during the day; and having to remain in bed on days when they were to have a bowel routine. Residents wanted a greater degree of control over these aspects of their lives. They described these three things as being pretty basic and that they were really about having some control over your own life...
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The on-going bullying & neglect at George Pearson Centre

Please go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeduY3UFNMA and fast forward to 4:33 and watch to 10:03 to see current residents of Vancouver Coastal Health’s George Pearson Centre describe being bullied and neglected by Pearson’s staff.
As Civil Rights Now! demonstrated here http://civilrightsnow.ca/2010/10/george-pearson-centre-isnt-a-prison-says-bcgeu-bs-says-the-evidence/ the residents of Pearson have been bullied and neglected by its staff for decades and Vancouver Coastal Health and its predecessors have most of the time taken the side of the bullies.
Obviously the residents of Pearson are not citizens of a free and democratic society.
This is what Civil Rights Now is fighting to stop.
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