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“We’re in a prison here”: states current resident of George Pearson Centre

In 2008 a report by a program funded by Vanouver Coastal Health stated:
“Residents [of George Pearson Centre] under­stood the need for a routine within GPC but many criticized the inflexibility of it. Residents consistently gave three examples in which the routine challenged the reality of GPC as home: being able to have a bath or shower more than once a week; being able to go back to bed for a rest and then get up again during the day; and having to remain in bed on days when they were to have a bowel routine. Residents wanted a greater degree of control over these aspects of their lives. They described these three things as being pretty basic and that they were really about having some control over your own life...
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George Pearson Centre has no place in a democracy

In December 2009 BC’s Ombudsman concluded after an investigation of this province’s residential care facilities:

1) The Ministry of Health Services and the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport have not adequately identified the province’s commitment to care and the rights of seniors in residential care facilities.

2) The Ministry of Health Services and the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport have not ensured that adequate information about residential care facilities is publicly available in an accessible format that allows seniors and their families to plan for and make informed decisions about residential care. (Best of Care.)

The province of BC has never felt a commitment to protect the rights of people in residential care facilities and much prefers citizens make misinformed cho...

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The evidence that proves George Pearson Centre does more harm than good

George Pearson Centre is a 120-bed institution administered by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. Civil Rights Now! has collected these anecdotes, newspaper articles, excepts from reports and tidbits about George Pearson Centre. The evidence shows that on balance Pearson does more harm than good.

The “I” in a few of the anecdotes is Paul Caune, Executive Director, Civil Rights Now!

Bolding is Civil Rights Now!

Read everything carefully and make an evidence-based conclusion. Or as Groucho Marx once said, “Who you going to believe me or your own eyes?”

For an analysis of much of below go to

1952: The Pearson Tuberculosis Hospital opens in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada...

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